About Us

Astella's workshop tools including but not limited to: a lot of colored pencils, threads, a mallet, a palette with paint on it, silkscreening squeegees.

Who are we?

Astella is a fully Filipino owned and operated clothing brand based in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Founded in 2015, we started as a passion project in collaboration with the Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation and started out in small bazaars.

As we continue to widen our reach through our site, we’d like to tell you about what’s behind the prints we’ve become known for. Each collection has its own story and theme that we tell through our hand-drawn prints. Inspired by our environment and biodiversity, we feature the beauty that surrounds us. Through visual storytelling, we hope to share awareness of and pride in our environment.


What do we do?

Astella’s product lines currently include hand-printed shirts, polos, skirts and shorts that can work as stand alone pieces or ensembles.

We are not fast fashion. We focus on sourcing factory excess fabric carefully and producing consciously to bring you limited-stock pieces that feature hand-printed hand-drawn patterns. This takes time but the time we take is key to creating thoughtful products.

Our goal is not only to create clothes, but also to become a platform to share information and provide a space for people with similar goals and ideas to collaborate.